Natasha Ratchford

Professional Photographer

I answer to many names; mom, mommy, honey, Tasha, the lady with the camera! I'm the clicker behind the camera at Memories by Tasha Photography. I've been in the desert long enough to know it will always be home, that it is beautiful, full of unique and amazing people, and there is nothing like a desert sunset or night sky. Photography feeds my soul, it feeds my desire to turn moments into art, details into forever, and the little interactions between those that love one another into stories that can adorn their homes. I love photographing people, in the landscape that we call home or vacation. I love holding a brand new-baby who's itty-bitty toes will forever be small in a photograph. I love everything about the interaction and creation of a photo session. I have been photographing professionally for 7 years, I use all professional equipment and editing software. I hope to create with you the session you see when you close your eyes, let's produce art - together!