What clients have to say about Desert Birth & Wellness


Wonderful resource for pregnancy and beyond. First time Mom. Without their childbirth education class and hiring Jennifer as our doula, I dont believe my natural hospital birth would have happened. Looking forward to attending the new Mom support groups. -Jennica A.

I am so thankful to Jenn and Alyssa. A true doula doula dynamic duo! Their experience along with quality care goes beyond words. My wife's labor was like a roller coaster ride and these doulas were there for the screams that ended with the our new bundle of joy.

As I reflect on the delivery at the hospital with my wife, I was having such a difficult time trying to help her with labor pains (Nor did I want to say the wrong thing especially due to the circumstances lol). I was having such a difficult time when the doulas, MY DOULAS, came in to the rescue! 

My frustration melted away. My advice to any man who's wife is expecting, think of a doula like American Express; Don't leave home without it! In this case without Jenn and Alyssa. Dearest Jenn and Alyssa thank you both for making our experience happy and magical. Peace, love and light always . -Malik

We utilized Desert Birth and Wellness for Childbirth Education Classes and doula services and could not have been more pleased with our experience! Both Jen and Naomi are so knowledgeable, supportive and positive and their commitment to supporting you as well as their willingness to facilitate the pregnancy/birth experience that you want and have is exceptional. They are caring and treat you not as clients but really as friends and family would and it is clear that they become invested both in you and your baby. They are readily available to offer guidance and their reassurance brought me peace of mind many times! Knowing and working with Jen and Naomi made my feel empowered and helped me to achieve the birth that I wanted and knew I could have. I couldn't have done it without them and I am so happy that I had the both of them as part of my support team! They were invaluable to me and will forever be an integral part of my beautiful pregnancy journey and birth experience. -Jaime A.

I can't say enough about Desert Birth & Wellness. I am a first time mom and was referred to them by a lifelong friend that has 5 kids. I'm so glad I got a Doula. Jennifer and Naomi are amazing. Their years of experience is invaluable. I had an amazing birth and extremely successful time breastfeeding. I attribute my success with it to my Doula, Jennifer. When my birth didn't go exactly as "planned", Jennifer was completely supportive and knew exactly what to say and do. She also captured some priceless and beautiful moments on camera for us. My husband and I are beyond satisfied with our experience with these remarkable women. If I had 12 kids, I would hope that Jennifer or Naomi would be available for every birth. I'm 3 weeks postpartum and intend to go to the many classes they offer as well. -Rebecca S.

Best experience of my life! Jennifer was there during my delivery and everything went so smoothly her gentle and kind words empowered me to get through a completely natural birth. Naomi and Jennifer were so great about preparing my husband and I for our first child's birth. I was able to labor at home with my husband and everything that we requested on my birth plan happened. It was an ideal birth and we couldn't be happier! -Stefnie H.

I discovered Desert Birth & Wellness center three months after the birth of my baby boy. This place provided me a safe and warm place to meet other moms in town, I struggled with breastfeeding, and going to meetings and sharing with other moms empowered me to get back on fully breastfeeding from exclusive pumping. Through the dark days of my postpartum blues, I found hope, love, and light coming here. It has been a very special place for me and I hope to share it with other mamas! - Clara K.

Jennifer is amazing! Her services can't be beat!! In 2013 I was struggling with nursing my infant daughter. She was absolutely wonderful in teaching me everything I needed to know to set me up for success. She was available at all hours and helped in so many ways... with everything from showing me a correct latch, teaching more comfortable feeding positions, to explaining "cluster feeding." Jennifer is the main reason my daughter went on to nurse exclusively. I never had to pump or even give my daughter a bottle (unless I wanted to). She helped me through a very discouraging and painful mastitis, clogged ducts, and a lot of tears. 3 years later, my daughter was still nursing and I was thrilled with our success. I HIGHLY recommend her services. Jennifer is patient, compassionate, and has an amazing bedside manner... Thanks Jennifer - Molly K.

I met Jennifer about 7 years ago. I was looking for a babysitter at the time but ended up with much more! She not only cared for all three of my children, she was mother to them as well. Her time and patience was well worth the investment in her! She helped with breastfeeding advice, sleep routines, and just good parental advice! I would highly recommend Jennifer to be your birth and wellness provider! Whenever I needed her she was always there! She is very reliable and knowledgeable.! See for yourself! - Robynne Williams

Two days after I had my son I was desperate for help with his latch. I contacted Jennifer and she came over that same day to help. It made such a difference! With just some small tweaks breastfeeding was immediately more comfortable and within a few days I was all healed and happily nursing my baby instead of dreading each time he was ready to eat. I'm so thankful for her help! - Christine Zell, Zell Birth & Lactation

As a charge RN on a busy postpartum floor I know how very important it is to have a Lactation Consultant who is able to work with all types of patients. Jennifer has worked and helped many mothers and babies from healthy to full term infants to the special needs babies, and the early premature infants. Jennifer has always had a passion which shows through when she is helping those that need it. Jennifer respects the wishes of the mother and is a wonderful educator. To this day patients continue to ask for her. She had the respect of the Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Obstetricians, and the Nurses she worked with. - Rhonda Tellez, Scripps Mercy Hospital

Breastfeeding was so much more difficult than I ever imagined. Six weeks after the birth of my first son I met Jennifer. I was crying, in pain, ready to give up. Her understanding and patience got me through that day. Her advice, tips and tricks got me through the next 22 months!! I thought I was a pro by the time my third son was born. But his issues were much different. Mucousy bloody stools and a very fussy feeder landed us in a pediatric gastroenterologist office who advised an upper endoscopy at six weeks old! Jennifer comes back into my story where again her patience and knowledge got me through that day. She advised me to cut out certain foods, and like magic my sons stools were normal. She saved him from undergoing a procedure simply by listening to me. Three children, 60 months of very successful nursing!!! - Christine Dall

First time mom here. I turned to DB&W for postpartum doula care. I signed up for around the clock care for the first week after my c section and went to eight hour shifts the following two weeks. Jenn was at my house shortly after I was discharged from the hospital. I truly believe my recovery went so well because I had zero stress. Jenn and her team helped me recover and monitored my meds to stay ahead of the pain while helping me learn how to care for my newborn. The only time my little one was not around me is if I was sleeping or she was sleeping. I slept so well at night knowing that someone was watching closely over her and would bring her to me when she woke up to breastfeed. I cannot say enough good things about these people. If you are considering hiring a postpartum doula my advice to you is to hire Desert Birth and Wellness. They are caring, competent and (most importantly) someone you can trust to care for you and your newborn. - Natalie M.

I will always be so grateful for the guidance and encouragement you (Jenn) gave me when I was having breastfeeding challenges with my second son. Sleep deprivation+pain+wild hormones=hot mess mama; but you gave me hope. So glad other moms will benefit from your support! - Leslie Chase

Jennifer is a great lactation consultant and doula. She has a passion for her clients that is very rare. She sat with me for days before I had my baby, cleaned and helped make bed rest easier to handle. Anytime I had breast feeding issues she was right there helping me out. I recommended her services to those that need support though nursing or doula care. -Carolyn D.

As a woman who had a previous breast reduction I was so disappointed that I wouldn't be able to breastfeed my new baby girl! But God sent me an angel in Jennifer! Not only did she encourage me to breastfeed she told me all the things I could do to increase my supply and sent me tons of literature so I didn't get discouraged and always lent an ear when I was frustrated and wanted to give up! I was able to breastfeed for 7 mths when I was told I would never be able to! Thank you so much Jennifer for everything! - Shakira Robinson

We LOVE Alyssa!!! She took so much time with us during our consultation and prenatal appointments answering all our questions and concerns. She checked in every couple days to see how I was doing while waiting for labor to begin. I went into labor at 2:30 AM and texted her at 2:50 AM to let her know and was at my house by 3:30am. She helped me through the contractions by giving counter pressure on my hips (a serious godsend) and massaging my back. She also made sure I was eating and drinking enough throughout the day. My labor stalled a couple times throughout the day so she suggested things to help get it going again (I.e. Walks, changing positions, pressure points). At 5:50pm we arrived at the birth center and she continued to support me through contractions. My midwife swept my membranes and went for a walk. My water broke during the walk and she helped me back to the birth center where I felt a TON of pressure. She alerted the midwife that I must be getting close. During the time I was pushing she was telling how much of the baby she could see and getting me cold washcloths as well as saying encouraging words to me when I felt I could not continue. My healthy baby girl was born at 7:20 pm weighing in at 8.3 pounds. Alyssa was with me for 16 hours during my labor and birth, and stayed an additional 2 hours after to make sure we were settled before we left to return home. I honestly do not think I would have been able to have my unmedicated birth without her constant attention and support through my labor. Having her attend my birth was invaluable and I will be definitely have her attend my next birth! - Alexa K.