Kegan Longuevan

Labor/Birth and Postpartum Doula

Kegan is a new labor/birth and postpartum doula. She became interested in becoming a doula after the birth of her daughter June 2018. While pregnant, she began looking into unmedicated birth, and reading anything and everything related to intuitive birthing. She found out about doulas while listening to birth podcasts and through her personal research, and realized that having a doula was the best option for her. As a military spouse, the closest family member to her is over four hours away and both her grandmother and mother-in-law passed away before she had her daughter. These were the major factors that led Kegan to want a doula by her side during her birth experience. 

She is a firm believer in women’s bodies being built for birth. With plenty of support and encouragement, she believes all women can experience a beautiful, unmedicated birth. That being said, she also is an advocate for supporting all women in any and all choices they make for themselves and their child(ren). Being a doula, in her eyes, is all about supporting, educating, and encouraging the mother in all choices and decisions that arise with labor and in postpartum. 

As a doula, Kegan offers support as a soundboard for helping you make any choice that may arise during labor and your postpartum period. She is able to help with some meal prepping, light cleaning or laundry if needed, and has resources in place if you need any help with the mental, physical, or emotional aspects of your postpartum journey. She went through yoga teacher training in April of 2016 and has been practicing yoga since February of 2015. She is comfortable with offering some poses and positions that may help with labor pain. She is CPR and First Aid certified for infants and adults. As a military spouse, she has base access and experience with deployments.

Kegan is constantly studying and learning about birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. She is very active in the community; volunteering with Family Readiness for her husband’s battalion, Theatre 29, and The Military Birth Resource Network Twentynine Palms Chapter. 

She has always wanted to be a mother and places an emphasis on empowering other women to be the strong, powerful, amazing woman and mother they have inside.