The class runs about an hour, then participants are welcome to stay a socialize. We love filling our space with babies!

Infant Massage is a technique that has been handed down through generations as a way to communicate, soothe and nurture babies. This on-going hands on class will help you connect and increase attachment to your baby. Learn another way to communicate with your baby, techniques for soothing baby towards restful sleep and gas/colic relief. Please bring a towel to lay your baby on during class as we explore this soothing and rewarding technique. This is a group class and designed for infants Newborn (at least 1 week)-9 months. 

Massage is a wonderful way to keep your baby healthy and happy! It's also an excellent way to bring you and your baby closer together. Touching and close physical contact during a massage have many benefits for babies and parents alike. The special moments you spend together will help the two of you understand and communicate with each other. 

Massage benefits the baby's heart, breathing, digestion and blood circulation. It helps prepare their little bodies for physical activity and improves overall mobility. Massage encourages muscular coordination and flexibility, along with helping baby stretch move around and grow. Massage also helps babies relax and fall asleep. 

Massage also makes caregivers feel good because your baby loves it and looks happy! Did we mention better sleep for baby? More sleep makes everyone at home happy! For mothers, touching and massaging can stimulate milk production and help you relax. Fathers benefit, too, giving a massage is a special way to become closer to your baby.