Hannah Stookey

Childbirth & Postpartum Support Services

I'm Hannah, a new mom to sweet baby Maddox and I'm super excited to join the Desert Birth & Wellness team!! I became a Certified Nursing Assistant at 16 years old and have worked as one until I was 21. At 22 I ventured into veterinary heal care. I am currently continuing my education is childbirth and breastfeeding. Healthcare is and has always been a passion of mine and after having Jenn Crawford as my personal doula and lactation consultant, pre and postnatal health and breastfeeding have become a passion as well! 

I had Maddox in August of 2016. I went into labor naturally a week after a failed induction. Jennifer was there for me every step of the way and I can say I absolutely would not have been so calm and relaxed through 30 hours of labor without her. I so badly wanted an unmedicated, vaginal birth, but things happen and after 30 hours and 8cm dilation my baby just wasn't dropping, due to malpositioning. I got an epidural in hopes that relaxing my body would get him to drop lower with no luck. We knew I needed a cesarean and that was terrifying for me and my husband. Jenn explained to process and at that time coached my husband more than me, afterall she was the one that stayed with me for my epidural. Doula's don't just doula the mother! He did amazing. I was very emotional but Maddox was born safe and crying! My 9 pound 1 ounce baby boy was finally here! I'm now looking forward to rocking my VBAC sometime in the future!

My little boy was a natural when it came to breastfeeding. After struggling to conceive due to PCOS and an unexpected c-section, I so badly wanted something to go my way. We are now 4 months strong with a long term goal of breastfeeding until he self-weans (whenever that may be)? I am so excited we have made it this far and the amazing bond my son and I have together. I also had my placenta encapsulated by Liz and I cannot thank her enough. My mood and supply are awesome. Jenn jokes I produce cream as Maddox has no problems gaining and my supply is superb!

I have learned so much from Desert Birth & Wellness, motherhood and childbirth... I now want to pass my experiences, knowledge and passion for helping others through my position as Childbirth and Postpartum Support Services Manager at Desert Birth & Wellness. Feel free to stop by the office and say hello and have a chat with Maddox and I during the new mother support group. I look forward to meeting you all!