Weekend Childbirth Crash Course

This class will include a combination of several popular childbirth coping techniques (Bradley, Birthing From Within, Hypnobirthing, Lamaze) along with pregnancy, understanding the stages of labor, all types of births and the postpartum period. This class will also go over what to expect at your birthing location. Regardless of the type of birth you are hoping to experience, knowledge is power - for both you AND your partner!
This is a 1 class jam packed crash course that includes a book to take home. $50 Space is limited to 8 couples. Locations coming soon to Desert Hot Springs and Palm Desert.

Current scheduled classes in Joshua Tree

December 16th

January 20th

February 17th


Private Childbirth Class tailored to fit your needs. Whether you're having a home birth, hospital birth or delivering at a birth center you need to be informed. Topics include Signs and Stages of Labor, Your ideal birth, Communicating with your providers, Labor preferences and wish lists, Coping techniques, Unexpected events, Your partners role in childbirth and postpartum, Breastfeeding, Postpartum Care and Resources. This will be a one time class lasting 4-5 hours.

Recommended for everyone! Highly recommended for first time parents, VBAC candidates, couples who don't have time to go to a group class or those who would prefer one on one teaching.

*Theres a $25 travel fee for those who would prefer the class be held in their home.

A note from our Childbirth Educator...

Birth is beautiful in all its forms. Unmedicated, medicated (IV narcotics/epidural), cesarean, home birth, birth center, water birth, and every other variation there may be. Your birth story has yet to be written. You have some decisions to make. What birth is right for your family? What interventions do you wish to avoid or embrace? You also have some learning to do. What happens during birth? What is my body doing? What can I do to help my baby be born? Who do I want to help me? These things are important to think about and decide long before that first contraction. Throughout this class I’ll be guiding you to several topics and decisions you and your partner will make. Your choice is up to you. I’m simply going to point you on the path of learning. Please bring all your questions, concerns, fears, hopes and dreams to class. I welcome participation and discussion. This is your baby, your birth, and your journey.



Group Breastfeeding Class

1.5 hours. Includes breastfeeding basics, preparing for successful breastfeeding, pumping and storing.

Recommended for all expecting mothers planning on breastfeeding


1.5 hour class. Reviewing newborn behavior, feeding options and techniques, diapering options and demonstrations, bathing, baby wearing, vehicle safety, when to call the doctor, baby proofing, and community resources.

*There's a $25 travel fee for those who would prefer the class be held in their home.