Become A Birth Doula in Southern California


Did you hire a doula for your own birth? Perhaps you heard about doulas through a friend or family member? Or maybe this moment, right here, is the first time you’ve encountered this potential career path?


Wherever you are coming from, welcome! If you’re looking to learn more about what a doula is and how to become one, you are in the right place.




A doula is someone who is trained to support others through touch and talk. A birth doula has foundational knowledge about the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods, and is able to draw on that knowledge to ease their clients’ fears and provide encouragement. They may also use this knowledge to facilitate communication and collaboration between a client and their partner, or even between a client and their provider.


A doula is good at reading and interpreting others’ emotions, attuning to their needs and responding accordingly. Sometimes, that response is a well-timed hip-squeeze (or another hands-on technique!) to ease physical pain. Sometimes it’s words of affirmation or an explanation of an upcoming procedure. Other times it’s the recognition of the client’s need or desire for space and silence.


Essentially, a doula is exactly what each individual client needs them to be at any given moment.





If you’re considering becoming a doula, there’s a good chance you’ve already been one in other areas of your life, and now you’re just looking to apply those skills in a new field—and get paid for doing it.


Many who come to doula work are already:

-good listeners

-a source of support and encouragement to those around them

-skilled at reading others’ body language, emotions, wants/needs

-able to respond appropriately to above-mentioned cues

-interested in (if not already knowledgable about) pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood


So it’s really just a matter of training to build the knowledge and skill set necessary to support birthing persons and families during this specific season of their lives, as well as learning to make this into a sustainable career.




Desert Birth & Wellness is a full-service maternity-care agency serving families in the Morongo Basin, Coachella Valley, Riverside and surrounding areas, that also trains doulas! At our two-day comprehensive workshop, you will learn exactly what it takes to become a birth doula.


Join us Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and learn about:

-supporting a family during the pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum periods

-a variety of comfort measures

-medical and non-medical pain relief options

-supporting all types of births, including spontaneous vaginal deliveries, inductions, cesareans, and vaginal births after cesarean (VBACs)

-multiple childbirth methods


-supporting families in every birth setting (hospital, birth center, or at home)

-working with medical care-providers

-building birth plans

-adapting when plans change

-dads and doulas


-bereavement support

-local resources

-the benefits of working with an agency


And so much more! View a more comprehensive list of topics to be covered here.


Created by Desert Birth & Wellness’ very own Jennifer Crawford, this training is like no other offer in the area.





Jennifer is a Jill-of-all-trades—not only is she the Owner of Desert Birth & Wellness, but she is also a Certified Lactation Consultant; a Birth & Postpartum Doula; a Certified Newborn Care Specialist; a Certified Infant Massage Instructor; a Gentle Sleep Coach; and a Midwifery Apprentice. Learn more about her experiences and interests here.


After not finding exactly what she was looking for in a doula training near her, Jennifer set out to create a training to truly meet the needs of aspiring doulas in Southern California. Using her knowledge and experience of the area, Jennifer is able to train local doulas in policies and procedures that are relevant to the area they will be working in, as well as provide doulas with local resources that will actually be meaningful to their practice.


Have questions? Let us know! We would love to connect with you.


To register for the upcoming training on June 23 & 24, click here.