Help Nurture Expectant Mothers by Immersing yourself in a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

By Jennica Joyce, MPH, RYT®-200


Yoga has the ability to transform lives by healing and inspiring the mind, body, and soul. Practicing yoga during pregnancy which is also transformational in itself is good for the physical body as well as the mind. Yoga helps prepare for the changes to lifestyle that come with introducing a new Member to the family.   Begin sharing with expectant moms knowledge and expertise in prenatal yoga as soon as possible by enrolling in a prenatal yoga teacher training immersion program.


What does a prenatal yoga teacher training cover?

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Programs are designed to equip students with tools and techniques needed to safely and effectively guide pregnant and postpartum women through their yoga practice. Schools that are certified by Yoga Alliance and provide the 85 training hours required to become a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT®) include a minimum of  

  • 5 hours of general background in pregnancy

  • 25 hours of techniques specialized to the needs of pregnant women.

  • 10 hours of lesson plans applied during each trimester

  • 10 hours of human anatomy and physiology as related to pregnancy

  • 5 hours of  traditional yoga philosophy as it may apply during pregnancy

  • 20 hours practicum (10 hours observing and 10 hours teaching prenatal yoga classes)

  • 10 hours of electives that each school chooses how to distribute from above categories.


How does prenatal yoga immersion training differ from other types of training?

Most prenatal yoga teacher trainings typically meet for 3 or 4 weekend training sessions at one or a few locations spread out over several months. The immersion style is intensive, imparting the entire training within a brief 6-10 day period. The student usually lives with other students and the teacher(s) during their training.  Daily practice of yoga, meditation, instruction, and practicum is the norm. During immersion trainings, the location plays an important part of the learning experience. Students usually spend all day and night in the same place so being in a tranquil location such as close to nature becomes even more important for an immersion training to achieve an optimal learning environment.

Is a prenatal yoga teacher training immersion program right for me?

If you have a desire to get away from your day-to-day responsibilities and dive deep into the prenatal yoga world with like-minded people in a very special location, then an immersion training is for you. While no background in prenatal yoga is required, most programs expect students to be able to teach basic yoga poses and have a basic understanding of yoga philosophy prior to enrolling. Some schools require a 200 hour RYT® credential as a prerequisite since yoga alliance also requires this certification to become a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT®). Most prenatal yoga teacher trainings will expand upon your unique yoga background providing a practical understanding of the art and science of teaching prenatal yoga.  Choose hours and a time that work for your life. Consider how you learn, and how much life is going to serve as a distraction from your learning. From there, you will have a better idea on what kind of training will serve you best.

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About the Author

Jennica Joyce graduated with a B.A. in Human Development and Masters in Public Health and is a certified Yoga Teacher. After experiencing the power of yoga during and following her first pregnancy, she started teaching prenatal baby yoga at Desert Birth & Wellness in Joshua Tree. In partnership with a registered prenatal yoga school, she hosts 7-Day Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainings in Joshua Tree, Ca. Her favorite activities are hiking, laughing, and spending time with family. She shares many of her adventures on Instagram as @JennicaJoyceYoga.

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