Doula Teams

The agency model of doula care isn't for everyone. It works for us though! Early Saturday morning while I was already at Desert Regional with one amazing couple, another informed they were on the way! Due dates were several weeks apart. Poor sweet Alyssa was not on call this weekend but rushed right down. No "backup" doula they didn't know as we do most interviews and prenatals together. I was blessed to support both moms as they welcomed their first baby's into the world and both families had continuous support with our model of care. The more births Alyssa and I do together the more we realize two doulas in the room is better than one. Fingers crossed it works out we're both present for our last August birth! *not even a filter could hide the fact I had a full day of work under my belt including a postpartum shift before heading to birth #1. Taking one for the doula team though since Alyssa looks gorgeous!