Looking for Volunteers!

I'm in the process of starting a 501(c)(3) non-profit called Desert Birth & Wellness Scholarship Foundation that will fund some services provided by Desert Birth & Wellness. My initial goals are to fund a Lactation Clinic here in Joshua Tree and provide 4 hours of in home postpartum doula care for at risk low income families starting in the Morongo Basin and ideally serving the Coachella Valley down the line. While I've worked with non-profits for years setting this all up was outside my scope so I contracted a legal firm who is helping me. Things are moving much faster than I anticipated and it looks like I need to form a board asap!
I'm seeking volunteers for executive officer positions and board directors. You don't have to have a background in this field, organizational skills and great ideas are a huge plus! Coming from someone who often spreads themselves to thin please only volunteer for a board position if you are able to commit to 1-2 meetings a month. There will be plenty of opportunities for general volunteers in the future!
Please spread the word those who are interested can contact me at info@desertbirthwellness.com