We're saving trees!

I am happy to announce that Desert Birth & Wellness is going paperless for our Doula clients! I've been planning this for awhile but this old school doula is finally saying goodbye to her love hate (ok, mostly hate!) relationship with the printer. 

For those that don't know my husband and I also own a local eco tour company, Joshua Tree Excursions . Kelly and his professional staff pride themselves on being responsible hiking guides that conserve the environment and wildlife. 

Ecotourism is about connecting conservation, communities and sustainable travel. This means that those who implement and participate in responsible tourism activities should follow the following ecotourism principles: 

  • minimize impact
  • build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
  • provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
  • provide direct financial benefits for conservation
  • provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people
  • raise sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental and social climate

So join me by saving paper, saving trees and saving the world! Not to mention end the frustrated of dealing with those stubborn printers who seem to have a mind of their own! 

Photo Credit: Kelly Crawford, Joshua Tree Excursions