Taking the plunge!

I've been hesitant to jump into the blogging world. Despite having so much to talk about I've never been good with words on paper. As both a Lactation Consultant and Doula I practice non-judgmental support so I'm hoping our readers do the same with my writing! 

I should probably talk a little bit more about myself. The picture above reflects my biggest inspirations (thank you Memories By Tasha!). These 5 gorgeous girls continue to teach me about motherhood. They've shown me every pregnancy and baby/child/teenager is different. Most importantly, they've taught me this precious time goes by too fast reminding me to slow down and appreciate every moment. 

My bio which can be found here, goes over all the basics with experience and why I do what I love! I'm also the Treasurer for the Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce and a Director with the High Desert Pregnancy Clinic. Two non-profits that I feel do amazing things for my little community. If volunteering paid the bills I would do it full time. I have big dreams of Desert Birth & Wellness being a non-profit, where I can help every mom who needs it while still being able to provide for my family. In due time...

I knew I needed a solid back up and partner if I was going to start accepting doula clients again. I don't think a lot of people realize the stress of an on call life. On call 24/7, 365 days a year is hard and sometimes impossible. Working with other doulas allows me to have days off like everyone else not to mention being able to stay at home with a sick little one or go on vacation without any worries! At Desert Birth & Wellness our contract states we are on call from the moment it's signed. Birth is something that can't be planned. Babies don't always come between 38-42 weeks. You get two doulas from day one. You get to know both doulas during your pregnancy, allowing you to be comfortable and confident with whichever one of us is on call when the big day comes. While our practices are very similar its also an added bonus to get 2 different perspectives when it comes to pregnancy and baby related questions. Every amazing women who is apart of Desert Birth & Wellness, present and future are women I would hire myself. I expect nothing but the best for our clients.  

Let's talk breastfeeding! As much as I love birth, the postpartum period is my favorite. I often miss my time as a hospital LC. Mostly the NICU as I was able to watch those babies improve and grow while forming relationships with Mom. Follow up is very important to me, I wouldn't have nursed my own babies without the support of breastfeeding support groups. Even if breastfeeding is going well, mom deserves support and encouragement. We offer breastfeeding support groups every other week currently. After the first of the year I would like to start a group lactation clinic that would reduce the cost of a consultation for those who need help but can't afford it. Please if anyone truly needs help don't be afraid to call or email. We can always work something out. I'm happy to accept payment plans for any of our services. 

I'm off to drop off my wreath for CMC College Foundations 7th Annual Festival of Wreaths. If you're around this weekend its November 20th at 2pm. It's held at the Bell Center at CMC and tickets are available at the door for $10 each. There's a competition brewing between my husband and I. Fingers crossed Desert Birth & Wellness wins! https://cmcfow.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/let-the-competition-begin/